Your body is a machine, and in order for it to function optimally, you have to fuel it properly.  Poor choices in diet can result in sluggish work performance, low energy levels, and the lack of clarity in your daily life.  After an extended period of time, a person’s unhealthy diet will eventually lead to long-term health issues.  You don’t have to be a doctor or a nutritionist to figure this out, but sometimes it’s just hard for people to accept this reality.  Sometimes, even if someone acknowledges that their eating habits aren’t the best, they are unsure how to start making changes.

One crucial tip that I can offer you is to liven up your diet.  If you want to follow an established dietary plan or lifestyle such as the Keto diet, try your best to infuse some variety. 

In my opinion, where people go wrong is thinking that to eat healthy means to eat boring. 

Compromises have to be made, but it doesn’t mean that you have to eat the same bland food everyday. What works for me is trying to prepare my own meals as much as possible.  Cooking and prepping your own meals allows you to save money, save time and control what you’re putting in your body.  It also allows you to tailor your meal to what you’re feeling at the moment.  Instead of prepping for the entire week, you could even portion out your protein and cook each serving to your taste, or just simply rotate your sources of protein.  Sometimes people prep a weeks worth of meals at one time and half way through the week they’re tired of eating the same thing.  Whatever you do, keep it interesting. 

If cooking isn’t your forte, try using resources such as Pinterest or Youtube to spark some inspiration.  When I was on the Keto diet, I had to get creative when it came to my meals because I get bored easily.  Instead of just eating Avocados raw, I learned to bake it with some egg and bacon.  Instead of eating my Keto-friendly pork rinds straight from the bag, I learned to crush it and use it as a crust for my pork chops.  Utilize different herbs and spices, lemon zest or lime juice.  Keep it interesting so you continue to be engaged and fired up about what you’re eating.  This can be the difference between starting a new diet and starting a new lifestyle.