Leading a fit life is something that many people struggle with, but you don’t have to be one of them. I try my best to make healthy choices with diet and exercise, and you know what, it isn’t always perfect. The thing is, perfection is not what I’m looking for-consistency is. To me, being consistent doesn’t necessarily mean never falling off track; it means having the fortitude to find your way back to the track if you ever do fall off.

I have become successful in remaining consistent on my fitness journey because I have been able to infuse FUN into my workouts. As I’ve mentioned in my food blog “Liven Up Your Diet,” you have to keep things interesting. People lose interest very quickly especially when it comes to something that they might not necessarily find enjoyable to begin with. Here are some examples of ways I have been able to make workouts fun:

The Buddy System– Finding a workout partner who is also motivated and passionate about being fit is a great way to keep things fun. You have someone to bounce new workout ideas off of, someone to push you to hit that last rep, someone to keep you accountable and BONUS-a built-in spotter!

Community Chest– Participating in community fitness events like a marathon, a walk for a cause, or a triathlon is a great way to get a workout in without it feeling like a workout. These events usually have music, food, gift bags, commemorative t-shirts and provide an overall feel-good time. These events are often for charity like the March for Dimes, Relay for Life or the Heart Walk.

Healthy Hobbies– If there’s a sport you enjoy, I’d suggest trying to make room for it at least once a week. Whether that means picking up a ball from the local sporting goods store and hitting the park with friends, pick-up games at a gym, doing laps at the local pool, or joining a league, if there’s something physical that you actually enjoy doing…DO IT!

Look the Part– I’m a proponent of the phrase “look good, feel good.” Sometimes when I feel humdrum about working out or where I am in my fitness journey, I’ll pick up a new pair of running shoes or a new workout outfit. This is a great tool for boosting confidence, reigniting your fitness fire, or even rewarding yourself for progress. Sometimes all we need is a little bit of positive reinforcement!

Let the Music Play– If you haven’t already, make a workout playlist. In fact, make a couple. I have several workout playlists to keep me energized and to get me “in the zone.” My playlists vary in genre and tempo, but I give myself options because I never know what kind of mood I’ll be in on any particular day. I haven’t had a time where not one of my playlists resonated with me, so having them preprogrammed in my phone not only kept me from breaking my focus, but it prevented me from wasting time in the gym.

Location, location, location– Who doesn’t enjoy a change in scenery? A different workout environment is a great way to keep fitness fun and engaging. If you have a membership at a gym with more than one location, try all of them. One might have a better view, better staff or just better vibes. If you’re always at the gym, try getting out into nature. Running on the beach, hiking a mountain or trying a bike path might offer a workout from a different point of view and can be quite relaxing.

Goal Digging– One of the ways that I was able to keep my fitness journey exciting was constantly setting and breaking goals. Set some short-term and long-term goals to give you something to look forward to. Reaching a new PR for bench press and squats, trimming time off of my mile, and fitting into a new pair of jeans are examples of goals that I have attained which drove me to strive for bigger and better things.

When you think of fitness, I want you to think of it as something you can’t wait to do rather than something you have to do. The best way to alter your mindset about fitness is to keep it fun and keep it consistent. Fun and consistency are two very key pillars of fitness and your journey relies on them. If you’re struggling with finding a rhythm in fitness, use some of my tips and I hope they give you traction and make working out fun again!